Introducing the New Icom IP501H LTE (4G) Two Way Radio

The new Icom IP501H LTE radio is now available from EARS plc. This ground-breaking two-way radio provides secure wide area communication using LTE (4G) and 3G networks. Instantaneous communication is achieved with Individual Calls, Group Calls or All Calls and the radio is used in the same way as a traditional two-way radio, making it easy for all users to transition.

As well as expanded wide area coverage capabilities the Icom IP501H has a host of features including 500 channels without any UHF restrictions or limitations. The IP501H allows the user to make calls using the radio in either PTT (push to talk) or hands-free mode. It enables the user to operate full-duplex communication which provides smooth telephone style conversations and radio users can talk and receive calls at the same time. It is compact and lightweight, dust-tight and waterproof and it has a range of useful accessories including an optional charger with Bluetooth functionality.

For more information on the Icom IP501H LTE or to test one out today, contact EARS on 0208 964 6699.